Tuesday, June 19, 2012


We are moving. Mathilde is moving.

We, as in my family, are moving across the country to the East Coast, to a charming beachy-yet-metropolitan area where I accepted a tenure-track English Literature professor position at a SLAC. I was hired to teach my specializations: Victorian literature, post-colonial theory, women's studies. I have captured a unicorn.

Mathilde, as in the 13-month-old, is moving her body in all kinds of new ways. Here she is trying to sit back down after pulling herself to a stand using her toy bin as an anchor.

This morning, after a physical therapist came to find out why, at the ripe old age of ONE YEAR, our kid still isn't crawling, sitting up by herself, or pulling up to stand, Mathilde decided to start doing all of those things. Little Miss Contrary. Now we have to babyproof the house. The first thing she did after crawling back and forth across the living room floor was make her way over to my laptop cord and wrap it around her neck.

We have four weeks left of Seattle's crappy "summer" weather before we hit the heat. I am packing up my books for the third time in four years. Only this time? Most of them are going to go live in My New Office, on shelves where they'll stay more or less for years (unless I'm using them) to inspire students to read! question! analyze! write! learn! My books are verrrrrrry happy about this (unlike in July 2010).