Saturday, August 18, 2012


Here we are in our new home, new office, new job, new city, new daycare, new used car! Evidently, we still have unpacking to do. Moving boxes really are some of the best toys.

I have a few preliminary notes.

1. There are not enough independently owned coffeehouses in this town.
2. There are NO espresso stands on my new campus.
3. The rain here puts Seattle's to shame.
4. I plan to buy stock in bug repellant.
5. I still have not completed my syllabi*, and school starts in 9 days.
6. I was dismayed at the size of the collection in the library at my new job (spoiled am I thanks to 12 years' access to major R-1 university stacks), but then the awesome librarian figured out how I can get access to the nineteenth-century newspapers I need for my current research project, and I felt better.
6a. When will I find time to write that Victorians Institute conference paper? This is not a rhetorical question.
7. My child took her first steps this week.

*For my composition course, I am planning a research paper unit involving The Lifespan of a Fact but I am bewildered about how to write the actual essay assignment (from which all scaffolding unfolds, so you see the problem, yes?). I am also planning a textual analysis assignment involving The Phantom Tollbooth. This unit offers no trouble at all.