Thursday, January 24, 2013

Movie Tripping

I used to get a lot of joy out of reviewing movies here on this blog.
Now I just get joy out of going to them.
Over my very long holiday break, which I supposed I would spend writing an article, I traveled much, I was very sick, along with the rest of my entire family (biological and chosen), and I used that as my excuse to go see four movies currently playing in movie theaters. This is noteworthy because I have not seen a movie in a movie theater since my child was born. Last Oscars-season sucked for me. I am the sort of person who will go see any movie playing especially if someone else is paying for it. "Romantic" relationships have been sustained for me by spending long times at the movies. Yes, the syntax in that last sentence was creative, and only I know what I meant; my point is, da films are crucial.

Movies I clocked over the break:
The Hobbit
Les Miserables
Silver Linings Playbook

Quick & totally unnecessary reviews:
Hobbit: seen with BFF 1, enjoyed, stunned that it ended mid-story. If I remember correctly, Tolkein's Hobbit was a relatively short book. I read it in Jr. High School and hated it. Must re-read. Very glad to be teaching Beowulf this term, because thanks to this movie, my students may have greater appreciation for the Anglo-Saxon epic which features many of the same elements: gold-hoarding dragon, women-excluding community of back-slapping/mead-drinking warriors.

Les Mis: seen with BFF 2, lurved, other than Russell-who-can't-Crow and high-warbler Seyfried. My love of productions of this story goes back to the Pantages Theater circa 1989. I have the entire Original London Cast Recording memorized. I have multiple worn-out garments featuring young Cosette's face. I wish I had more critique of this movie version... but that's lurve for you.

Lincoln: I am historically idiotic, but didn't Lincoln outlive two of his sons? I kept measuring this movie against Seth Grahame-Smith's inspired book Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Hunter. The movie kind of fell short.

Silver Linings Playbook: unconventional love story that ends conventionally. Sometimes (but not with regard to X-Men) I wish I was Jennifer Lawrence.